Friday, November 25, 2011

I hope the lady at Walmart last night feels good today after running over my heels 3 times!!!

Last night had to pick up things at Walmart. Well of course it's their Sale, and the place was packed. Went to pick up a few things. A lady is on her cell phone, runs over my heels 3 times....I was ready to blow. If looks could kill she would not be here :O) Couldn't help it! She runs over my heals 2 times,  I turn around she says "sorry" then she does it again....on her cell phone, not paying attention. 

My 2 yr. old grandson is really sick and my daughter was here at 4 a.m. with him, and they are trying to get him in to ENT...he's been on different kinds of antibiotics and nothing is working. My daughter has had no sleep, if she does it's hit and miss, and he only wants his Momma. His little throat and ears were blood red, and the shot made them a little better but not as well as the doctor thought they should be. He doesn't sleep. 

So praying that God touches his little body or they can get him into ENT or find out what's causing him to be so sick.

Sorry I'm not getting comments out like I should right now! 

Hugs! Leah Ann


June Nelson said...

Poor you its not your time at the moment, hope the foot is ok, and I do hope they find out what is wrong with the little darling, its so worrying when little ones are poorly, can she not just take him to a and e and not move until its sorted!!! its ridicuous poor wee mite, im keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers, Iknow he will be alright it will just take time and when your worrying it seems to take forever, Blessyou all xxxxxxxxxxx

Vicky said...

Oh you're nreally not having a good time right now!! I hope your Grandson will soon be well, love to you and your family, hugs Vicky xxx

Sheryl Brown said...

:( Praying for your grandson Leah Ann. I hope they find out what the issues are. It's never an easy thing when there is someone you love in pain, and there is nothing you can do to help them. Being a Mum myself,
I can only imagine what your daughter is going through right now! :(

As for the inconsiderate Walmart lady - Karma will get her!

Hoping everything works out for you and your family this holiday season! *BIG HUGS*

♥Redonkulous Designs♥

Corky Kouture™ said...

Oh wow LeAnn.. you have had your hands full with a sick grand baby and I so feel for your daughter as well. It is always hard to see your little ones sick. As far as the Walmart lady.. just one of the thousand reasons I do not mess with Black Friday or even a full week after Thanksgiving for any form of shopping! :-) Prayers to the little one.. Hope he is feeling better!

Shirl said...

Aww Leah-Anne what an awful time for you and your family at the moment.

Sending lots of cyber hugs and cuddles, I really hope the little guy gets better soon.

Let me at that lady in Walmart!!!!

Hugs Shirley x x