Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Holidays.....Won't let life get me down!!!

Oh, so many thoughts today! Thanksgiving a couple of days away and this year, we are not having a family dinner :(  None of our family have the money for the expense of a big dinner, nor do we have a house big enough for 5 children, spouses, girlfriends, and 14 kiddo's! 
Thanksgiving is about being thankful, and I'm thankful that we have each other. We keep each other going the best we can :O) It's really hard sometimes, but it is what it is!
I have 2 grandson's right now who are really sick little fellows, and they need your prayers please. These terrible virus's going around are pretty nasty and hard on little ones as well as adults.
I'm thankful that our kids understand that we love each other and that's what is important. 
Since my Mom has been gone the last couple of years, the Holiday's are just not the same. Mom & Dad always had a house big enough for all of us, crowded, but it worked, and of course. We all pitched in with a big dish and it was good. 
Christmas is probably going to be the same. I'm thankful that my grandchildren understand. I know last year they took one of my son's 4 kiddo's to shop with a cop. My grandson Benjamin who is 10 this year, got clothes, coat, and he was so tickled. They told him he still had money left, he told them, I'm good, give it to one of the other kids. It made me so proud!!! 
That's when you know, they know the true spirit of giving, and loving! I'm glad they know that God is good and he is there for them! 
I'm truly Thankful!!!!

11/23  Got a miracle today! God is wonderful :O)
The saying above my bed is "Everyday holds a possibility of a miracle"


Corky Kouture™ said...

Bless you and your family this holiday season.. :-)

Lisa Lara said...

Hi Leah Ann, I am so happy you stopped by my blog and I got the opportunity to visit yours and read such a lovely heart felt post. Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving.

xxxtglxxx said...

Awww. I understand just how you feel hun. I lost my mum 2 years ago this month and havent celebrated a family christmas or birthday since. I just felt wrong and I had forgotten what it meant without her.

This year, I am making an effort. :) In my mums name I will make christmas the way she made it for me, and the way everyone else I love having around me deserves too. It took a while to grieve, but I know its ok to move on now. :)

Sending my best wishes to you and your family. :)



Sandy said...

A very special post Leah Ann.

June Nelson said...

Aw how lovely you have alump in my throat, I wish you all a happy thanksgiving and what a lovely family you have, God blesss you all and im thinking of the little ones too and the nasty bugs, hope they are soon well. Huggies from me xxx