Friday, November 18, 2011

Holidays and Venting...Some people have nerve!

True stories:
Man walks into a restaurant, say's he homeless and hungry. Now this is a fine restaurant, and have awesome food, everything they have is sooo good! They told the man, we can give you some soup. The mans says "I don't want soup" I want something else! Now if I am hungry, truly hungry, the worst soup in the world would taste good and I would be so thankful for soup!!! Wouldn't you!

Next story: A lady walks into church, goes to the pulpit while the preacher is preaching and just stands there and stares at him. They ask the woman if they can help her. She says "My kids are hungry and I need diapers" So they say o.k. we can fix you something to eat come down to the kitchen. She says "No, I don't want you fixing me anything", then they said o.k. we have diapers here, we'll give you some diapers, she says "I don't use that kind" She doesn't want them to give her food and feed them, she doesn't want the diapers. Now if it were me, I would be so thankful my kids were given food and I would be thankful for any kind (brand) of diapers. The lady wants money. Come to find out, the lady just got $350 from a church down the street.

These are the kinds of people who irritate me! They hurt the people that are truly thankful for whatever they are offered...right?! Well, there are still folks out here who are hungry, and are having hard times. 
My Dad being a minister for over 40 years, I've seen all kinds of people. I've seen my Dad take them to a motel, and buy them food, take them to the gas station and fill up their car...a few times he's given them money. The thing is, if someone is truly hungry and in need, they will take what you offer them, which tells you that they are really in need, and really need to be fed.

Thanksgiving is a time to be Thankful, not selfish, not demanding, a time to be thankful for everything we have. Christmas the same! 

Beware of scammer's but at the same time, there are people who truly need our help! everyday, not just the holiday season's!


Sheree said...

I was right in there with you as I read the whole post!
One of my elderly clients has been duped by a woman who kept visiting him and asking for money to feed her dog, another time car insurance..etc. This week I discovered that while she visited him she also used his debit and credit card to go shopping for the past 6 weeks. Cash withdrawls and shopping totalling over $12,000! He tried to help her out and because he is almost blind she took things to a new playing field.
I don't mind helping out people but.. I now do a bit more checking into things before I do. It's really sad that life has come to this.
Hope you have a wonderful holiday season. There are genuine people who 'need' out there!

Jane Wetzel said...

I had to comment and say I too work for a church over 16 years now...yep, seen it all... :( Gotta beware but keep plugging along for the ones who really need it. God BLess and Happy Thanksgiving...

Corky Kouture™ Glamour Gift Bags said...

Wow! You are right.. the nerve of some people.. yes.. one would think they would be thankful for whatever was offered them. I can't even think of any reasonable explanation as why they did not accept the gifts offered! I guess some people, no matter how down and out, still feel a sense of ill-placed entitlement.

Have a wonderful holiday season... may it be blessed. :-)

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TRACEY said...

I cried as i read your comments and was nodding at the same time. I feel the real needy would not walk into a church or anywhere and DEMAND help. Maybe that's the first clue.

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

Yep, that is why I never give money away! I actually took a guy food when it was freezing cold out and he was living under a bridge...told him to share it with his buddy next to him. I told him they were leftovers and asked if he wanted them....he took it in a heartbeat. That proved to me he was really hungry...he didn't care what it was! Those are the people I am thankful to help out!