Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Oh why do Ragdoll kittens have to be so expensive!

Oh I have been wanting a Ragdoll kitten. I have been reading up on them and checking prices.  I guess these kittens are for the rich only, Wow! so I don't think one is in my future. I've always had Boston Terriers, Noogie I had her 10 years, and then Annie 8. Noogie starting having seizures at 1 yr. old., Annie had a stroke. Boston's life expectancy is around 10 to 12 yrs, although some live to be older. I had a little Boston Emileah, and I had to give her up when I moved in with my son and his 4 children about 3 years ago, I was afraid she would bite them because she was not use to kids, and had attitude! I had my Persian kitty Blueboy, who was 4 yrs. old, he and Emileah were buddies, and I had to give him up too! I've always had a pet. When my kids were little we had a wonderful Boxer named Hannah Jane. I lived in the country, and she was an indoor dog. We had let her out, we had 13 acres at that time, and a pack of dogs attacked and killed her, she was 5 and my youngest son's best bud at the time. It broke his heart!
 So I found Ragdoll kittens, and have been looking at prices, and well.....unless some miracle happens, I don't think I foresee one in my future. Where we live, we cannot have dogs, but can have a cat!
 Sooooo.........I will just have to dream :O)
We have rain and cooler weather and Ole Arthur is giving me fits. I am so much dreading winter. Summer is bad enough with Arthritis, and winter's are horrible! 
I would love to move somewhere else, but don't think I can stand to leave my children and grandbabies :(
I guess it's just one of those days! Hugs! Leah Ann


Penni said...

Ragdoll cats are so beautiful. I have 3 cats, a Bengal, a Savannah and a Maine Coon and they really are a delight.

Have you thought of contacting some Rescue Centres, or even seeing if some breeders have older kittens that may be cheaper.


coldwaters2 said...

Hi Leah Ann I have never heard of Ragdoll Kittens before but then I am more of a dog person. Actually I adore all animals and always vowed that I would never be without a dog. I had a little Pomeranian I called her my princess she died at the age of 11yrs, I now have a Jack Russell who is in his 16th year so I am hoping that he still has quite a bit of time left with me.
You will have to get a cuddly toy or maybe think of a rescue cat.
Lorraine x