Tuesday, October 18, 2011

House clean, catching my breath :O)

Hello everyone! Colored images last night. Got all the house done today except for Stamp room, thanks to my hubby! I'm now, starving, and trying to get to moving again! It's a cloudy, and has been raining and the temps are cooling, so ole' Arthur is giving me fits today! Hopefully, I will have energy later to do a few cards.
Having a hard time keeping up. Visiting blogs and leaving comments here and there, but I need more hours in the day to keep up :O) Just wanted to let you know, your beautiful cards, and artwork are not going unnoticed! Big Hugs! Leah Ann


Anonymous said...

Oh it is cold and damp here today for sure in Indiana isn't it? Horrid to be out in but in a warm home I love the quiet of the day outside. It's peaceful to me.

I took today off. Have a bug thanks to the hubs bringing it home to me. Oy.