Wednesday, September 7, 2011

ugghh getting a cold, sniffles and chills

I'm not feeling so great, so don't know if I will get cards done this week, will see! Have the sniffles and chills, hopefully will not get too sick. I very rarely get sick but when I do, it usually gets me down...
Also have 2 of the grandsons after school everyday this week.
It's been a chilly, dreary day, and now raining, and that doesn't help!
Takes a lot to keep me down and not stamping :O)


Liefs Ineke said...

Hearing improvement and strength. I hope you're feeling better soon.

Lots of love from Ineke

Anonymous said...

Hello fellow hoosier. I too have had the sickness for 7 days now. My hubs is about 3 weeks into it. It's a strong bug this one. Indiana always takes summer out with some sort of virus.

love your stamping!!

I'm having a GIVEAWAY if you would like to put your name in.


Heidi said...

Good Morning to you, Hope you are starting to feel a little better soon. Nothing worse than having to be bright, cheerful and energetic (grandsons) when you are feeling the opposite. I think today we might get a little sunshine and that always makes me feel better. Hugs Heidi x