Wednesday, September 21, 2011

If Xfinity keeps raising our bill, don't know how much longer I can keep internet :(

Got our Xfinity bill today and it was $30 higher...uugghh, they keep raising prices, I'm afraid TV, internet and phone will either be a luxury we won't have or, find a different company, or companies. I don't know what they expect people to do. Keep raising prices, and so many out of work, and the economy is the pits. Higher food prices, gas prices, but wages keep getting lowered, or no work. FEEL LIKE AN ANGRY BIRD today !!!


papertrails leaver said...

I am so with you on this! I was searching this weekend to try and get a better deal. I am sitting at home right now waiting for the service tech to come and fix cable since it's been out for a five days. Everytime I get a bill, it's a few dollars higher Insane!