Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Got a New Couch and Loveseat replaced today, not without a lot calls & emails!

My Dad bought a couch and loveseat a year ago. It was just not holding up at all. Called the store where purchased and they wanted to send it in for a week and wait to have it restuffed! A don't think I wanted to sit on the floor for a week or more :O) I told them, look, restuffing will not work the material is to stretchy and it will do the same thing. Even emailed the company who makes them, nothing. So I was a tad bit upset and thought o.k...stuck! Well, a few prayers and a couple of days later, we get a call from the store we bought it and they said, we want you to come in a pick out something else, and we will replace it and order you another one! So, today it came, and I'm so glad. It's only me and my husband most of the time, except for the kids and grandkids visiting and they respect our home. Went with microfiber because I know it holds up, had it before. My Dad bought us this furniture, and we gave our other couch to our son that had just went through a divorce and had no furniture at all. So the Lord has blessed and took care of us once again. I appreciate the Lord, and all his goodness! Just had to get on here and Thank the Lord today!