Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Stormy weather coming again this evening, damage yesterday for folks here, safe that I know of

Being very watchful of the weather the last few days Yesterday, we had bad storms yesterday evening. Trees down and a few damaged homes. Semi overturned on the interstate. A few trees up rooted here and there, but overall everyone that I know of are safe. Many without power. My daughter's Mother in Law had trees down and couldn't get home. Folks cut trees so she could get home and was very lucky, tree fell and hit their deck, broke the rail and a big planter, but the house is o.k. and most important she is o.k.
I kept on the phone with my son who does not have t.v. until the worst was over. His neighbor had a little damage to the front of his house, but it can be fixed.
The news is showing more storms coming our way this evening, so we are watching the News and listening to the weather radio.
Prayers going out to those folks in Joplin, MI. Such devastation. Lot of people needing prayers right now!
They are saying even if you don't see a tornado, they are sometimes wrapped in rain.


Eve said...

I'll keep praying for those affected, and you & your family! Last night, the wind picked up all the sudden, several times, after midnight, here in western PA, and i got scared & couldn't sleep much. We didn't get any damages (at least i don't know any yet. maybe the evening news will tell us...). According to the map, we are also in the severe weather area this evening also...(red :-( ) Take care!

Sol said...

Hope you are okay! I´ve seen on TV what devestating things happened in Joplin.. Terrible..!!!..
Hope it has stopped right now...

Tina M said...

Prayers for all! be safe