Monday, May 2, 2011

Rain, Rain, Rain and more Rain!!!!

So tired of it raining. Our grass is like stepping on a sponge, soaked full. We don't need another flood here like we had a couple of years or so ago. Houses are still empty and ruined. Down south of us it is worse yet, and I hate to see the pictures after all this rain! Just thinking last summer our grass looked like straw, and we needed the rain soooo bad. I cannot get my self back into the stamp room. Can't seem to get motivated! I think a little sunshine might help. When it's raining you would think I would stamp more, not! Can't seem to be creative!!!


Eve said...

i HATE rain too... EVEN they say April rains brings may flowers, still dont' like it :-( Here, it's like some rains (not all day though) for a couple of days, and then sunny day and another couple of rainy days, and a sunny day...oh leah Ann, i'm going to your state next months, for my bf's friends' wedding. I just remembered.. at least 8 hrs drive over the weekend...

Sandy said...

You will get it all back together Leah-Ann -- maybe you needed a little rest. A break for a while.